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Smart Contract Development

NodeJS Development

NFT Minting / Contract Interaction,
lightweight and fast, with Ethers and Web3Modal.


Projects & Tools

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Pixelvault Dashboard

Many information about pixelvault assets in one place, including floor prices for traits of MetaHero Universe: Generative Identities

NFT Portfolio Value Calculator

Calculate your overall portfolio value, broken down by collection, currently only for ethereum


Aggregator for many NFT related data, including metadata, prices by traits, and soon including rarity

Coinbase Commerce: Shopware 6 Plugin

Get paid with crypto via Coinbase Commerce for Shopware. Receive payments for your products in form of cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, DOGE and many more)

Minting Bot (NodeJS)

Enables minting in the same block as the transactions that triggers the sale, always be one of the first

Completely automated, no wallet limits

Tool: Snapshot of owners for Ethereum contracts, incl. merkletree generation

Take snapshots of owners for your NFT projects, these snapshots can be used to generate a merkletree for allow lists